Kampong Thom cricket raising installation

Agri House is continuing to test our solar powered cricket raising pens as alternative income sources for marginalised communities, this time working with the indigenous Kui communities in Kampong Thom province, in central Cambodia.


On September 28, 2022, with support from People in Need and Sevea and under the EU funded SWITCH to Solar program, the Agri House team visited the participating farmers in the pilot. Together with our experienced local facilitator Chhouden Chhim and the Green Farmer Community team, we installed cricket kits and delivered training on the techniques of cricket raising to Kui families living there.


The cricket raising will provide sustainable income sources – in a micro circular economy – to help indigenous families (Kui) gain the ability and skills to create alternative income and food inputs for both human and animal consumption.


As a non timber forest product (NTFP), cricket raising reduces the reliance and negative impact of cutting trees for income, and provides passive employment to allow families to stay in their home farm.


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